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By Helen Mihajlovic


Eddie D. Moore

Eddie D. Moore’s job requires extensive traveling, and he spends much of that time listening to audio books. His stories have been published by Jouth Webzine, The Flash Fiction Press, Every Day Fiction, Theme of Absence, Flash Fiction Magazine, and the Centum Press. Find out more on his blog at:

The Dark Prince
By Michael Anthony Lee

​-- For Krystle Stewart who got me going again.

Michael Anthony Lee

Michael Anthony Lee lives in small town Ontario, Canada. At fifteen he spent the long walks home from school dreaming of someday becoming a writer. Now, thirty years later, that journey has begun . This is his first published work of fiction.

Note to my fellow writers:

Never stop writing.
Never stop dreaming.
It is never too late.​
Night of the Lesson
By Eddie Generous

Eddie Generous

Eddie Generous is a Canadian living on the Pacific coast with his wife and their cats. He operates a fledgling literary horror outfit aptly named Unnerving.

Sweetest Blood
​by Kristyl Gravina

The party was in full mode as she entered. All eyes turned on her. She looked as dainty as a porcelain statuette; her emerald eyes bright, her lips red. Dark locks of hair fell softly around her pretty face.
She moved slowly among the throng of onlookers; her eyes like a predator’s searching for prey. At last she saw a familiar face; Thomas, a fellow student in her Biology class. Her smile was sweet as swas getting impatient now.
If she didn’t find Nathan soon, she'd go crazy. Her throat was on fire. She scanned the area and spotted him in a corner, kissing a girl. She clenched her fists in anger and took a couple of breaths to calm down before she approached them.
At first, they ignored her.
She cleared her throat. This time they looked up.
"Can't you see you're interrupting us? " Nathan said, rather rudely.
"Nathan, you're mine. Come with me." It exasperated her that Nathan forgot about her every time, though it wasn’t his fault. She was the one who made sure he did. For her safety, and his.
This time the girl spoke up. "What the hell…”
She glared at the girl who didn’t finish her sentence, and instead doubled over in pain.
"What did you do to her!? You crazy bitch!"
Oh Nathan, sweet Nathan. He could call her names but she still adored him. He was so beautiful, so tall and muscular. And his scent, intoxicating.
"Come with me, my dear Nathan," she commanded while offering her hand. He took it, confused.
She led him inside, and upstairs into one of the empty rooms. He followed dazedly. "Finally, my darling," she said as she sat beside him and sank her fangs into his wrist, drinking his sweet blood.
The next day, Nathan sat next to Thomas during biology class. Thomas, noticing Nathan's bandaged hand, asked him about it.
"Oh, this? I accidently cut it last night. There was some broken glass at the party."
"Speaking of which, Katrina was looking for you last night, then I saw the two of you going upstairs together. You have to tell me what happened, man!"
"Katrina? Who is Katrina?”
“The new girl, she's sitting two desks across from us now, over there. She just looked this way."
"It wasn't me you saw, mate; I was with Shelly all night."
"But she came asking for you."
"Are you sure she was looking for me? Maybe you were drunk and thought you saw me."
"I wasn’t that drunk. I'm sure it was you two I saw. Or perhaps you're not saying because you think I'm going to tell Shelly about this?"
"Seriously, Thom, I don't know what you're talking about. I’ve never spoken to Katrina in my entire life. I don’t think I’ve ever even seen her before."
The bell rang and as Thomas and Nathan rose from their chairs, Katrina approached, her green eyes a tad darker than usual.
"Thomas, great party last night! And whom might this be?"
"I'm Nathan, nice meeting you."
"The pleasure is all mine." She inhaled. “Well, see you later, Nathan!"
She left the room smiling. Now that she had introduced herself to Nathan again, things would be easier for their next meeting. She needed to think of a way to keep him close. She was running out of ideas for these random encounters. And now Thomas had seen her twice with Nathan, possibly more. Perhaps she could try tasting him as well. Maybe he tasted even sweeter. No, that was not possible. No one was sweeter than Nathan.
She exhaled as she walked to the next class, her mouth watering.

Kristyl Gravina

Kristyl Gravina is from the island of Malta where she lives with her husband, son and three cats. Her work has appeared in numerous publications including Third Wednesday, Down in the Dirt magazine, Haiku Journal, The Literary Hatchet and Hindered Souls: Dark tales for dark nights among others.


About the Editor:
Amber M. Simpson

Amber M. Simpson has been writing short stories and poetry since the age of ten. Lover of all things horror and fantasy, she writes mainly in these genres, often with a touch of romance thrown in for fun.  Amber lives in Kentucky with her husband and their two crazy but loving little boys.