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Monthly Issues : OPEN 
You may send us submissions, but please note that if accepted, the earliest it will come out is September 2017.​​
  • July - Full
  • August: Anniversary Edition - Full
  • September - OPEN

Anthologies : OPEN
  • The Heart of a Devil: Horror and Dark Fantasy Villains Anthology - June 10th-August 10th
  • Autumn's Harvest: An Autumn Fantasy Anthology - June 25th-August 25th
  • Menagerie de Mythique: A Mythical Creature Anthology - July 5th-September 5th

Fairy Tale Collection : OPEN
  • Rapunzel - OPEN
  • Cinderella - CLOSED
  • Snow White - CLOSED
  • Little Red Riding Hood - OPEN
  • Sleeping Beauty - OPEN
  • The Little Mermaid - OPEN
  • The Snow Queen - OPEN
  • Beauty and the Beast - CLOSED 
  • The Swan Princess - OPEN
  • The Nightingale - CLOSED

Novel Queries : OPEN
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About Rejections
​​If we reject a submission, please do not resend it. A rejection is a rejection. We will not change our minds in a month. The only exception is if we specifically request that you resubmit it or say that you may with changes. We have had a lot of repeats lately, which hinders our ability to get to new submissions and slows down our response times. When we receive a lot of stories that we have already read and rejected, it puts added strain on not only me, but also the great people that read and help me with submissions. Also, please do not try and slip your story past us by simply changing the title. Trust me, it won't work. Thank you for your understanding in this matter.

Waiting For a Kiss

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Issue 8, March 2017

Available now on Kindle and in print!

12/18/2016 - New Anthology Call
The Evil Within: Villains in Fairy Tale Anthology - Dec. 20th-Feb. 5th

The Evil Within Anthology Call:
Villains in Fairy Tales
Anthology Theme Winner:
Anusha VR

Submission Period: December 20th-February 5th​​

Word Count:    100-20,000


"How did the evil queen in Snow White become evil? What troubles plague the step mother in Cinderella? Who broke the sea hag's heart in The Little Mermaid? What betrayal drove the witch to imprison Rapunzel? Stories about the villains in fairy tales -- the princesses who were never saved." 

Please see our anthology submissions page (under the 'Submissions' tab) for more details.

​​The stories have now been chosen to appear in the 2016 anthology. I will be contacting the authors chosen within the next few days. 

The Anthology Theme Contest Winner 
The winner will be announced on December 15th.

Issue 5, December 2016

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Issue 4, November 2016

Available now on Kindle and in print!

Ever Dream of Me

Available now on Kindle and in print!

Have a great idea or theme for an anthology? Let us know!
​​For a short time, we will be taking ideas and suggestions for the next anthology. What kind of theme are you wanting to see? What genre? What are you really wanting to read and write? Send us your ideas for a chance to have it become a reality! The one chosen will be given a free epub and print copy as a reward.

Send your themes to
In the subject line write THEME CONTEST: [Your theme here]
​Include genre and overall theme.

10/11/2016 - Facebook Page
Check our Facebook page for more updates!
We now have a Facebook page! We aim to use the Facebook page as an easy way of keeping all of our authors and readers better updated on our progress with submissions, edits, and releases. 

​We recommend everyone check it out!

Issue 3, October 2016

Available now on Kindle and in print!

9/29/2016 - Submissions Update
October and November are FULL!

We would like to thank everyone who has sent us submissions. We are overwhelmed with the amount of interest we are getting. We are now completely full for our October AND November issues, so please be aware that anyone accepted now will not appear until December. Once December is full we will close submissions for our monthly issues so we don't get too far ahead of ourselves. 

This does not pertain to our anthology submissions. Submissions for our new fairy tale anthology are open with plenty of available slots left.

9/25/2016 - New Anthology Call
Distressing Damsels Fairy Tale Anthology - Sept. 25th-Oct. 25th

Due to the popularity of our Princess Fairy Tale Anthology, we are opening submissions for another fairy tale theme. For this anthology, we are looking for stories that focus on strong heroines. We want to see stories of damsels who save themselves instead of waiting for a man to do the job for them. We want Rapunzel to find her own way out of the tower, the little mermaid to shove that dagger into the prince's heart and win back her life, Snow White to shove that poisoned apple into the queen's face... you get the idea. All genres and styles are accepted as long as the story is based on an actual fariy tale. The fairy tale does not have to be well known; we love reading the obscure ones just as much as Snow White and Cinderella.

9/23/2016 - New Anthology Call
Winter's Grasp Anthology - Oct. 10th-Nov. 25th
We have posted the guidelines for our new anthology - Winter's Grasp. Please see the revised guidelines under our anthology submissions page. This anthology will focus on fantasy stories surrounding the theme of winter. We are looking for ice magic, winter sprites, snow deities and anything else your imagination can cook up! For this anthology, we do not want stories that take place in modern or urban settings. 

We hope for this anthology to be released sometime in January, but this is not set in stone as of yet. Compensation for this anthology will consist solely of a contributor copy. We look forward to reading about your winter wondereland!

9/19/2016 - Submissions Update
October - Flash Fiction Month

With the launch of Septemeber's issue I am catching up on the backlog quite nicely. As such, I have decided to amend the decision about October. We WILL release our third issue in October, however we are going to do it a little differently. We are going to make October FLASH FICTION MONTH! We will release a smaller issue featuring only flash fiction. So if you have some flash pieces you would like to submit, then send them on! 
We will resume our normal word count limits for November. Submissions for longer pieces will still be accepted, but if chosen they will go in November's issue and not October's. This way, we can still put out a monthly issue but will give me some more time to finish up work on the anthologies.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

We will retain our regular payment of a half cent a word for monthly issues but will be amending our policies for anthologies which will be announced at our next anthology call.

Amber M. Simpson
Madeline L. Stout
Assistant Editor